Noah Kahan, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO
August 16, 2023

Noah Kahan in Morrison CO on the legendary Red Rocks stage making live music photography dreams come true

What a dream to photograph Noah Kahan's amazing headline show at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado in July 2023.

Noah Kahan's Headline Show at Red Rocks

Wise words from Noah Kahan to the massive, enthusiastic sold-out crowd at Red Rocks on 7.26.23! I learned five life lessons immersed in the Red Rocks Noah Kahan experience. 1.) Your mental health is important- get therapy or seek support and prioritize your mental health. 2.) It’s ok to do activities alone - seek experiences and if you have to pursue them alone; it is worth it. Noah mentioned all the things he has pursued alone including going to a Hibachi restaurant solo. 3.) Thank the nurturing souls that encourage you - the gratitude for his own mom and her support of his music journey was so heartfelt. He told stories about her driving him to gigs with two people in the audience and providing endless encouragement. 4.) Pursue your dreams and passions. Playing a headline show at Red Rocks was his dream and he lived it on July 26, 2023. 5.) Give back - his generosity related to his β€œThe Busyhead Project” is already legendary which supports his passion for mental health; but he also is currently supporting the VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund and live-streamed the concert donating all the proceeds to the cause.

So thankful to photograph the magic of these musicians in the renowned Red Rocks venue. The lighting and sound crew were incredible. Congratulations to the amazing couple who got engaged minutes before Noah Kahan came on stage! πŸ’. I shared more photos shared here:

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