Noah Kahan Milwaukee 2023
May 23, 2023

Noah Kahan in Milwaukee 2023

The February 11, 2023 Milwaukee stop on the Stick Season Tour for Noah Kahan changed venues multiple times - expanding space to accommodate ticket demand. The show landed at the beautiful sold-out The 4,000-seat Miller High Life Theatre. The crowd was filled with lyric loving fans - many stood for hours in the Wisconsin winter to secure their general admission seat.

Noah Kahan - breakout artist of 2023

While his fans were in line playing cards and hovering under blankets awaiting the Miller High Life doors to open. The line when I arrived around 5 p.m. circled the entire venue. Meanwhile Noah and his team were checking out a local Kwik Trip. At showtime, Noah Kahan bounced side stage like a boxer ready to enter the ring during his introduction to the Milwaukee audience. He hit the stage with thunderous applause and as he jumped into "False Confidence" his opening number. He introduced himself as Folk Malone!

The 90-minute set ended with a trifecta of great songs:

"The View Between Villages"

"Stick Season"


"We're here because of the music."

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