Magic Giant in Milwaukee
May 23, 2023

Magic Giant in Milwaukee on 3.19.2023

The immersive experience of witnessing the magic of Magic Giant on stage can be life altering. They sprinkle joy in every corner of the room and have a one-of-a-kind shows. A musician friend, Kevin Paris, recommended I find a Magic Giant concert a few years ago and I have caught several live performances including this show at Milwaukee's Back Room Collectivo on March 19, 2023 with a band-approved photo pass.

Magic Giant's "Die with Zero" Tour sponsored by author Bill Perkins

The Die With Zero Tour is inspired by the bestselling book and official tour partner, Die With Zero author Bill Perkins and its theme of living life with no regrets. Magic Giant embodies the spirit of living a full life and immersing in the the present moment. The books' mantra is net fulfillment over net worth. I bought a few copies at the merch table. I also have some Magic Giant t-shirts which are up-cycled prints on t-shirts thrifted. They also plant a tree for every album sold. If you have attended a show you know the energy is contagious and everyone jumps around. Go listen to "Disaster Party" and feel the joy seep into your bones.

Website: Magic Giant

Instagram: @MagicGiant

"We're here because of the music."

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