Imagine Dragons, Milwaukee, WI 07.08.23
August 12, 2023

Sold out Imagine Dragons concert in Milwaukee on the final night of Summerfest.

Imagine Dragons stormed the stage in an endless 2-song rain of amazing confetti on Saturday, July 8th. The band provided the finale performance of the annual 9-day Summerfest festival which spans three weekends in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Great Stage Energy

The July 2023 American Family Insurance Amphitheater performance marked a decade since they played at Summerfest's Miller Oasis stage with a massive crowd. This year the Grammy-award winning band serenaded the crowd opening with "My Life" released in 2021. They gave fans the opportunity to sing along, playing all the crowd favorites like Thunder and Radioactive. I marveled at the bass player Ben Mckee showing the crowd the artwork on the back of his guitar. Lead vocalist Dan Reynold is captivating as he contorts and embodies the lyrics.

Website: Imagine Dragons

Instagram: @ImagineDragons

"We're here because of the music."

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