Hero the Band
May 25, 2023

Hero the Band

Hero the Band is a quartet of musical blood brothers from Georgia who collaborate to create interesting music rooted in R&B, alternative rock and arena sounds. They have a unique experimental vibe and it captivated me originally with their song, "Back to Myself" which I play on repeat. I promise the riff will stick with you and you will make it a favorite on your streaming platform.

Are you Happy Now

I was blessed to shoot portraits and live performances on the Rock Boat in January of 2023 of Hero the Band in action.

The band has been on the Rock Boat multiple times and they captivate crowds with their high energy performance and mesmerizing sounds. Each band member is skilled at playing their respective musical instruments but their harmonies are what set them apart. "Are you Happy Now" is another crowd favorite with thoughtful lyrics and melodies.

The Rock Boat is an annual floating rock music-themed "festival at sea" aboard a cruise ship. It takes place in different locations each year and includes several dozen bands performing throughout day and night. It is a unique way to experience live music on small intimate stages as well large stages for the full concert experience. Rock band Sister Hazel hosts the Rock Boat each year.

"We're here because of the music."

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